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Why Install Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring For Your Home
almost 4 years ago


One of the primary reasons to consider the installation of hardwood floors for your home is the fact that they are warm and also works to give your home a classic look. Another reason why the hardwood flooring is all the rage among the homeowners is the fact that the flooring requires minimal maintenance. When one is considering the installation of the hardwood floors, one option that stands out is wide plank hardwood flooring. The wide plank flooring will be as diverse as other kinds of hardwood floors, but they have a unique look. The primary reason why one would consider custom flooring is to ensure that they have a home that stands out, and this is what wide plank flooring is about. Let us determine some benefits that you will reap when you choose to install wide plank flooring for your home.


The primary reason that would motivate one to settle for wide plank flooring is the fact that you will have a variety of options. The wide plank flooring is considered to be hardwood flooring, but the floors are more than 3 inches wider. When one considers the installation of wide plank flooring, they will have a variety of wood species such as wide plank walnut and wide plank oak flooring to select from. You will also have options in the form of colors, finishes as well as the composition. Visit this link for more: www.oakandbroad.com.


Another reason why you need to consider wide plank flooring for your home is the fact that they are cost-efficient. The fact that you have a wide variety of options to select from means that you have a wide range of price points. It is easy for one to find a wide plank flooring option for almost any budget. Whether you aim at installing the floor on several rooms of your home or you have a small home improvement project, it is easier to find a wide plank flooring option that works for your design preferences as well as your budget.


The best part of selecting the wide plank flooring for your home is the time needed for the installation. When you hire a company such as Oak and Broad, they will need a short duration to install the flooring. The fact that the wide plank flooring needs more surface area than the narrower flooring means that it takes far less time to install the floor on your home. Click here for more: https://www.britannica.com/technology/floor-covering.

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